SPOTLIGHT: Equipping School Canteens With AR Capable Guides

New to the realm of Pro-Vis AR and Augmented Reality (AR), comes the recently released School Canteen Guide to Food Safety & Nutrition.
Now, school canteen managers, workers and volunteers are able to not only access readily available tips and information on canteen hygiene and safety, but by using their smart devices, either tablet or mobile phone, more resources are literally at their fingertips.
All volunteers within school canteens should have a basic knowledge of:
Start interacting with useful content, for example, did you know that one of the first lines of defence against illnesses is simply washing your hands?
This year’s edition of the School Canteen Guide brings to life the steps involved to maintaining a high standard of hygiene and the processes of cleaning your hands properly. Experience the AR video and see for yourself!
Other topics include:

  • Temperature control
  • Sugar and daily nutritional requirements
  • Other food safety reminders

Sponsors associated with this guide allow it to be sent out free of charge to schools and canteen services across Australia. If you haven’t received your copy yet, and are itching to try out the augmented reality content with the Pro-Vis AR app or desiring that extra bit of advice about food safety and health – subscribe today!

Recently Released Interactive AR Guides

Over the past month Pro-Visual Publishing have released five new editions of our interactive Health, Safety & Wellbeing Guides. Our aim is to ensure each worker returns home the same way they left, without injury.
Each guide is targeted to a specific industry and allows companies to display essential WHS in the workplace to help in complying with legislation and ensure workers keep safety top of mind. The interactive AR components are ideal for engaging staff during health and safety training. All AR resources are free to access using the Pro-Vis AR app.

Axalta Launches AR App – Axalta Interactive

Axalta Coating Systems Australia is the first company to partner with Pro-Visual Publishing to create Axalta Interactive, its own augmented reality (AR) app and experiences. Axalta is driven towards innovation and customer engagement, and this AR launch coincides with what has been a busy year for Axalta in celebrating the company’s 150th year in operation.
Axalta Coating Systems, a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, has created Axalta Interactive, an augmented reality app that brings Axalta’s leading refinish brands – Standox, Spies Hecker and Cromax – to life for customers in the Australian market.
Axalta is the first coating company in Australia to create its own AR app and experiences. The free Axalta Interactive app gives users an immersive content experience by hovering a mobile device over the Axalta Interactive logo (marker). This transports the user to exciting 3D modelling and Hologram experiences as well as the latest video footage and an exclusive hologram introduction from Axalta.
Augmented Reality enhances the physical, real-world environment by adding digital objects that are viewed through a smart phone or tablet. This is the same technology that is used by some of the world’s largest brands such as Pokémon GO®, McDonald’s Monopoly®, Coca Cola®.
The project is in partnership with Pro-Visual Publishing and is hosted by the Pro-Vis AR platform. John Hutchings, owner of Pro-Visual Publishing said,

“The brief provided by Axalta’s senior management presented ideas in 3D modelling and interaction that had not been attempted before. We are very proud to have implemented these exciting experiences for their customers to try out.  We have developed the Axalta Interactive App to be continually enhanced, providing users with access to greater levels of information in the future.”

From design and development to the launch of the much-anticipated interactive app, Axalta, with the assistance of Pro-Visual Publishing, has been able to use the latest technology to provide a unique and exciting encounter for their customers and visitors.

 “Axalta has achieved an important milestone this year, celebrating its 150th anniversary in the coatings industry. Our longevity has been driven by a focus on cutting edge technology and meeting the needs of our customers well into the future,” said Steven Brett, Axalta’s Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand.
“Technology is bringing so much more to the smash repair industry and the introduction to augmented reality through Axalta Interactive allows us to demonstrate our capabilities.”

Better Safety Outcomes

2016 recorded about 176 total worker deaths throughout Australia.
Diane Smith-Gander, Chair of Safe Work Australia, has urged everyone at the start of this new year to take some time out and ensure that safety remains a top priority in their workplace for 2017.
Safe Work Australia data shows that vehicle collisions, being hit by moving objects and falls from a height are still the most common cause of death in the workplace.
Unfortunately, five people have already died on the job this year. The transport sector, remains one of the most dangerous industries, with three workers losing their lives in less than a week. The transport sector recorded the highest number of workplace deaths in 2016 (63).
According to the latest figures, one construction worker has also been killed at work. A total of 30 construction workers died on the job in 2016. The fifth fatality for 2017, so far, occurred in the arts & recreation services industry.
It’s a tragic start to the new year, so let’s make a new year’s resolution to take safety seriously and actually do something about it.
Be a safety hero in your workplace this year, strive for better safety outcomes.

Guest Feature: “Innovative Ways Businesses are Embracing AR” by Adam C. Uzialko


Credit: IKEA Catalogue AR

“The launch of the popular mobile game Pokémon Go has brought augmented reality (AR) into the public eye in an unprecedented manner. But AR technology has much more to offer entrepreneurs than the prospect of becoming a Pokémon master.”
The following article from Business News Daily, by Adam C. Uzialko, highlights some of the ways businesses are embracing Augmented Reality. From enhancing business operations, products, training and education, to revamping the way we think about doing business, some industry experts discuss their experiences with AR and their predictions of where it will take businesses in the future.

Credit: BeeBright/Shutterstock

AR Capable Veterinary Industry Guide – Recently Released

Veterinarians are subject to a unique range of workplace hazards on a daily basis, such as the possibility of zoonotic disease transmission and injuries from incorrect animal handling, making it essential to keep health and safety top of mind.
The Veterinary Industry Guide to Workplace Safety 2017/18 helps workers, within the Veterinary Industry to increase their health and safety knowledge, and offers AR content, accessible via the free Pro-Vis AR app.
The Pro-Vis AR app enhances the traditional print media based information by providing a window to further interactive resources, which are can be utilised for engaging and educating veterinary staff. To download the app, simply follow the four easy steps below:
The Veterinary Industry Guide to Workplace Safety 2017/18 is supported by the Australian Veterinary Association, the Veterinary Business Group and the National Safety Council of Australia Foundation.
Visit our website to subscribe to your free copy.

12 Ways to Promote a Positive Safety Culture in Your Workplace


Promoting a positive safety culture can mean the difference between injury and zero harm, or even life and death. Taking steps to train and inform staff about health, safety and wellbeing is not only morally right, but is also necessary to meet legislative requirements. Utilising our health, safety and wellbeing guides as a constant visual display is a positive way to encourage health and safety in the workplace, and has the added benefit of interactive Augmented Reality (AR) components to engage staff during safety training sessions.

Here are 12 ways to promote a positive safety culture in your workplace, as featured on the health and safety handbook website:

  • Conduct a thorough workplace risk assessment.
  • Thoroughly investigate all incidents and near misses, and examine the root cause.
  • Communicate all changes in equipment and work processes to workers.
  • Encourage workers to report health and safety concerns.
  • Respond promptly to all health and safety issues you become aware of.
  • Measure and support any changes required.
  • Implement positive changes in values and attitudes towards workplace health and safety.
  • Develop a safety leadership culture at all levels of the business and ensure all leaders of the business uphold the principles of a positive safety culture.
  • Make health and safety of primary importance when inducting new workers into the workplace, e.g. include the health and safety policy in induction material.
  • Make health and safety part of all workplace communications.
  • Install a safety noticeboard to clearly communicate the latest safety information.
  • Promote and attend safety training sessions.

Using Augmented Reality to showcase safety and health in your industry

“Remember that AR is not about creating a completely new reality; it’s about enhancing what already exists. When the virtual is well fitted with the physical and interacts with it, that’s when AR magic happens.
Source: Ana Javornik, Harvard Business Review, April 18, 2016
Since the launch of the first interactive resource guide using Augmented Reality, the National Guide to Fitness & Health, Pro-Visual Publishing has released many more in its wake.
For the past two decades, Pro-Visual Publishing has been the leading specialist in printed wall-mounted workplace health and safety, food safety and hygiene, and wellbeing information resource guides. Now, having been inspired by the popularity of Augmented Reality (AR), Pro-Visual has incorporated this innovative technology into their guides to produce a space for interaction. It’s safety and health information with a twist!

Photo courtesy of Milbyrne Constructions

Here are just some of the industry categories that Pro-Visual’s resource guides service, now featuring the interactive technology:

Photo courtesy of CIT

“Great. Effective. Informative.” – TAFE SA

While researching WHS on the internet, I selected a link to the Pro‑Visual company [website] that offered great guides (posters) for a range of industries including two that I train within – the Automotive body and mechanical trades. I requested copies of their guides to place around our training institution so our students can use them.

On receiving several copies for both of our automotive trade areas in a very timely manner, I noticed that they included some Augmented Reality (AR) aspects to their designs. VR and AR are areas I am trying to develop in our training as I know it captures the attention of our students more than 2D resources.
The Pro-Vis AR software downloaded quickly and installed easily.
Within the Automotive Mechanics Guide to Workplace Safety, there are several areas where the app can be used. There was one AR hot spot on ‘hierarchies of controls’ that opened to a true AR vision, this was effective. Similarly, for the Body Repairers Guide, the AR spray booth that came from the spray painting in spray booths article was one that appealed to the students.
Both guides were informative… the information was of benefit.
The education of safety to our students is a priority.

Frank Guerin
Principal Lecturer
Automotive | TAFE SA

“Safety Outside the Box” – NSCA National Safety Conference

For the second year running, the National Safety Council of Australia (NSCA) Foundation’s National Safety Conference took place on the 12th October 2016, this year, at the Four Points by Sheraton, Sydney.
Drawing from the NSCA Foundation’s vast history and extensive safety network the conference featured experts from international and domestic backgrounds – a high quality speaker faculty. And for good reason.
In a world saturated with end goals and busyness, how does one manage employees to care about their safety and health while at work? Let alone care about their colleagues’ health and safety? Or even the business’ culture of safety? “It is a lot of work” is a response often given to establishing health and safety systems at work, and yet the costs involved when incidents occur are far too great, and can affect more than just the company’s budget.
From the day:

 “There is a proven need for standardisation on how businesses can, by using the correct Safety Management System, Behavioural Safety Programmes and Leadership Schemes, create a safety culture which will benefit the business as a whole.” – Keynote Address by John Lacey, CEO, Lincsafe

“How are we challenging ourselves as leaders to ensure that we continue to evolve and improve our health and safety practices? Standing still is not an option. As an organisation or as a leader, you are either moving forward and improving, or you are at risk of going backwards.”Expert Commentary by Andrew Russell, MD, Actrua

This year, NSCA provided something different in the conference agenda – a Mock Trial.

“Over the past five years, accidents involving forklifts have consistently ranked as one of the most common workplace incidents.”

Facilitated by Sparke Helmore Lawyers, this session involved entertaining and informative commentary before, during and after a court simulation. This simulation provided the audience with an explanation of critical points in the scenario, witness accounts, and the decision the judge came to based on the evidence and reasons given.
The Mock Trial was definitely a highlight and an immersive and insightful way to find out what happens when a worker, supervisor and or manager are called in as witnesses of unsafe work practices.
Pro-Visual Publishing had the opportunity to accompanying this must-see conference in an exhibitor capacity, showcasing our health, safety and wellbeing resource guides and augmented reality content in the exhibition area.
We thank all the visitors who came by our stall and had fun interacting with our guides, particularly the AR compatible features.
We also wish to thank the National Safety Council of Australia Foundation for putting on an excellent event where industry, business and community can come together to encourage, promote and educate about creating a culture of safety at work.

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