Pokemon Go – New AR Game

As the craze of “gotta catch them all” sweeps the nation, have you stopped to wonder what this technology is? Overlaying virtual images in real space, using your smart device? It’s Augmented Reality and if you have downloaded the Pokémon Go™ app in an attempt to ‘collect your pets’, then there’s every likelihood that a friend, family member or that person sitting next to you on the train or bus has, and they’re attempting to “catch them all” right now. The game is a foot!
My social media news feeds are littered with comments about how it works, how adults alike are PokeGo zombies, and the memes (don’t get me started on the memes!), however it’s also being considered as an exercise booster, with more and more people commenting about having gone for more walks this last week.
Monday morning, and PokeGo continues, even from my six-seater position on the train, the guy opposite me is angling his phone towards the window and flicking his phone as the Pokémon appear through the duration of the Northern train line route, in Sydney. And then the three ladies down from us are discussing how it all works… What does it cost? Why play it? It’s almost inescapable!
Pokémon Go™ became the top grossing app in the iPhone app store just days after its Wednesday release in the US, Australia and New Zealand. Augmented Reality (AR) hasn’t seen as big a take up as it has in this last week, in my opinion, but businesses are adopting this new technology in many various ways. To educate, to inform, to interact with its audiences and end users.
Pro-Visual, for example, have been implementing AR across their diverse range of health and safety resource guides since July last year. And while it’s not a small critter appearing on your coffee table at night, it’s an avenue to further safety and health legislation, products, tips and advice.
Safety, while working, is important, and already this year, Safe Work Australia estimates that as at 7 July, 81 people have died from work related incidents. That’s 81 too many. So get on board this AR train if you haven’t already, because it’s not only changing the face of how we receive and download information, but it’s making things more interactive and engaging.
Although, you may see more app zombies out there? Just a guess.

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