Axalta Coating Systems Australia is the first company to partner with Pro-Visual Publishing to create Axalta Interactive, its own augmented reality (AR) app and experiences. Axalta is driven towards innovation and customer engagement, and this AR launch coincides with what has been a busy year for Axalta in celebrating the company’s 150th year in operation.
The project is in partnership with Pro-Visual Publishing and is hosted by the Pro-Vis AR platform.
“The brief provided by Axalta’s senior management presented ideas in 3D modelling and interaction that had not been attempted before. We are very proud to have implemented these exciting experiences for their customers to try out. We have developed the Axalta Interactive App to be continually enhanced, providing users with access to greater levels of information in the future.” – John Hutchings, CEO, Pro-Visual Publishing
From design and development to the launch of the much-anticipated interactive app, Axalta, with the assistance of Pro-Visual Publishing, has been able to use the latest technology to provide a unique and exciting encounter for their customers and visitors.
The Axalta Interactive app brings Axalta s leading refinish brands Standox, Spies Hecker and Cromax to life using Augmented Reality (AR). Users can access exciting content such as 3D models and holograms by hovering their device over the Axalta Interactive logo.
Experiencing Axalta Interactive is easy. Using a mobile device or tablet, the Axalta Interactive app can be downloaded free on all major platforms, from the App Store or Google Play (Apple or Android). Once the app is downloaded, all the user needs to do is scan over the Axalta Interactive logo to experience the interactive (AR) content.